The recycling of waste materials such as waste paper and cardboard has become an integral part of the environmental protection business. In this process, the horizontal hydraulic baler is favored by customers as an efficient and stable baling equipment.

Among many horizontal hydraulic baler brands, Shuliy automatic horizontal hydraulic baler has become the best choice for customers with its excellent performance and quality service.

Excellent performance of Shuliy horizontal hydraulic baler machine

Shuliy horizontal hydraulic baling press adopts advanced technology, which can efficiently and stably bale waste paper, cardboard and other materials into tight squares for easy storage and transportation.

Horizontal baler
Horizontal baler

It also has the features of strong adaptability, good stability, energy saving and environmental protection, which provides strong support for customers’ production.

Excellent service offered by Shuliy Machinery

For the recycling machine, Shuliy company provides customers with a full range of services, including pre-sales consultation, in-sales technical support, after-sales maintenance, etc., to ensure that customers can use the equipment smoothly and achieve the best production results.


Good feedback from Shuliy worldwide customers

The quality of Shuliy horizontal hydraulic baler has been recognized and praised by the majority of customers. Many customers said that after using Shuliy horizontal baler machine, the production efficiency has been significantly improved, the cost has been effectively controlled, and the recycling effect has been greatly improved.

Like our Indonesian customer, he has purchased three times from us,

Shuliy hydraulic baler for waste paper and cardboard for your recycling business!

If you are looking for efficient and stable waste paper and cardboard baling equipment, Shuliy horizontal hydraulic baler is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

By choosing Shuliy horizontal hydraulic bailing press for paper and cardboard, you can not only enjoy excellent performance and quality service, but also achieve the best effect of recycling and contribute to the cause of environmental protection.