During the long-term use of the vertical hydraulic metal baler, some failures will inevitably occur. Once the equipment fails, it will affect the service life of the equipment. In order to make the vertical hydraulic baler take advantage of it, then, let us introduce the daily maintenance method of the vertical hydraulic baler in detail. I hope you can read it carefully. Let ’s take a look.

Daily maintenance method of vertical hydraulic metal baler:

1. Choosing the right hydraulic oil: The hydraulic oil will affect the transmission of pressure, lubrication, cooling, sealing and machine working effect. Improper selection will form the hydraulic system not working and reduce performance, so you must buy a regular brand of hydraulic oil.

2. If necessary, an exhaust device can be installed in the two chambers; reduce the coefficient of static and dynamic conflicts, modify the nature of the conflict, and change the gap conflict into a liquid conflict.

3. Correctly create the sliding conflict gap between the piston and cylinder of the vertical hydraulic baler, the piston rod, and the guide;

4. The metal support ring of the raw material is preferred, and the non-metallic support ring with a small thermal expansion coefficient in the oil can also be selected. The dimensional tolerances and uniformity of the support ring and the seal ring are strictly controlled to ensure the machining accuracy of each part.

Shipment of the vertical metal baler
Shipment Of The Vertical Metal Baler

Cleaning method of vertical metal baler:

1. Use low-viscosity special cleaning oil. Add the oil to the tank of the vertical hydraulic packer and heat it to 50-80 degrees Celsius during cleaning. Turn on the hydraulic pump, pack the waste paper or metal and let it run dry. When cleaning the pipe, you should often tap the pipe. This can remove the attachments. Clean the filter for 20 minutes to check the contamination of the oil filter, and then clean the filter. Then repeat the process until there are no many pollutants on the filter. The hour was suspended.

2. The cleaning time of vertical hydraulic baler is usually 2 hours. For more complex hydraulic systems, the machine cleaning method can also be connected to a hydraulic cylinder to allow the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate for system cleaning. After cleaning, the cleaning oil must be as much as possible. The cleaning work of the hydraulic system inside the vertical hydraulic baler is very useful for the baler. Because the vertical hydraulic baler requires an excellent hydraulic system when working, so in normal work, the cleaning work of the vertical hydraulic baler should not be underestimated and must be taken seriously.

The above content mainly describes the maintenance method and cleaning method of the vertical hydraulic baler. Due to the time, I can only tell you here. I hope this section can help you solve some problems. If you want to buy a vertical Hydraulic baler, then you can call our customer service, thank you for your support.