Export 10 metal balers to Uzbekistan

Not long ago, we received an inquiry from a customer from Uzbekistan who asked us about the metal packer. Our sales consultant, apple, has given customers quotations, videos, parameters, etc. about the machine. The customer was very satisfied but needed to discuss it with the Committee. 

Soon we received a reply. The customer said he wanted ten of them. During this period, the customer has checked the parameters of the metal packer with the technicians of the company and found no problems.

Why do customers choose our vertical metal baler?

It is definitely not luck that we can win the trust of customers for a long time, but our strength. As a leader in the metal recycling industry, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality machines.

  • 1. This machine is made of thick anti-corrosive material, which is durable.
  • 2. The machine uses a hydraulic system to provide power, with sufficient power and low noise.
  • 3. The important components inside the machine are all high-quality international famous brands.
Horizontal metal baler
Horizontal Metal Baler

Customers become our agents

After receiving the goods, the customer asked us to send a technician to guide the installation and express that they want to be our agent. Our after-sales service includes dispatching professionals to assist in the installation, so after consulting with customers, we immediately sent our technical staff to help.

On the aspect of agency, through our examination and test, we found that the customer really has the strength to act as our agent. Soon, we signed a regional agency contract with our customers. 

Why do customers want to be our agent after they buy the machine?

Does the customer have any doubts when they buy the machine at the beginning?

First of all, it is not easy for any business to succeed. No one will trust a stranger completely from the beginning. Customers also experienced the process from mistrust to trust. Since the customer wants to be our regional agent after receiving the goods, they must approve the quality of the metal balers, operation status and appearance of our machine. In one way, it also shows our professionalism. Here, the Shuliy group said that we will never let down the trust of any customer. Shuliy group welcomes friends from all over the world to visit our factory!