The automatic waste paper baler can bale an automatic bundling of waste paper, straw, and other loose materials with high output, low input, safety, and reliability. Automatic waste paper baler is mainly used in paper mills, printing enterprises, recycling enterprises, etc. Can bale: industrial waste, domestic waste, woven bags, cardboard, straw, rice straw, high-density polyethylene bottles, plastic film, etc. Complete function, wide application industry. Let us learn how to quickly bale the waste paper?

How to quickly bale waste paper?

To quickly baling the waste paper, you must use some good baler equipment that can use the hydraulic principle to quickly compress the paper and reduce the gap between the paper, which will facilitate storage and transportation and will be more convenient when recycling. Therefore, the waste paper recycling industry will have such a paper baler.

Waste paper baler operation process

1. the packing rope string across the back of the baler automatic elastic device, and placed along with the packing belt slot, after the packing belt is tied to the bottom of the packing slot to pull the station, rotate the automatic elastic device 90 degrees, close the bottom door to lock.

2. Into the material, when the material is loaded to the height of the platen, close the door tightly, and press the “down” button. The equipment runs automatically and compacts. The height of the material feeding other than cardboard is slightly higher than the bottom door.

3. The platen downward movement of compression to reach pressure after the automatic return, back to the open position. In compression packing constraint, the platen stops at the preset position of the compressed material.