Metal chips briquette machine is the important equipment for metal recovery and processing. It can press all kinds of metal chips, such as cast iron powder, aluminum powder, steel powder, magnesium powder, etc. into a certain shape of a column, which is convenient for transportation and saving storage space. 

Today, our commercial metal chips press is very popular in the market and has received good feedback from customers. Recently, we exported a metal chip briquetting machine for processing magnesium powder to Kenya.

Aluminum chips block made by the metal briquetting machine
aluminum chips block made by the metal briquetting machine

Main features of metal chips briquetting machine

Metal chip briquetting machines usually use hydraulic pressure to briquette powdery materials. According to different materials, the hydraulic pressure used by the machine is different, and the processing capacity is also different. In addition, the final product density, shape, size, diameter, etc. can be customized and adjusted according to customer needs.

Why press the metal chips into briquettes?

For those who do not understand the metal recycling industry, it is meaningless to use a metal chip briquetting machine to briquette the material. However, those who are familiar with scrap metal recycling and processing should understand that various types of metal debris are very troublesome when processing, and certain equipment must be used to improve work efficiency.

 Most metal scraps, such as aluminum powder, magnesium powder, iron scraps, etc., are scraps of metal processing, or products processed by shredders. These materials are not easy to collect and will take up a lot of space during storage. It is easy to cause churn and waste. Using a metal chip briquetting machine to compact these materials into blocks will make it easier to transport and save storage space.

Metal chips briquetting machine
metal chips briquetting machine

Details about the Kenya order of the magnesium powder briquetting machine

The Kenyan customer purchased the metal briquetting machine for his own factory, which mainly pressed magnesium powder into a cylinder with a diameter of 6cm and a height of 6-10cm, each weighing about 200 grams. According to the customer’s needs, we recommended to him a metal chip briquetting machine with a hydraulic pressure of 500 tons and sent a corresponding quotation. After discussing with their partners, the client finally agreed to the plan we provided. Now, the Kenyan customer has received the goods and intends to start production.