The Alligator Shear(hydraulic metal shearing machine) is a very widely used steel cutting equipment, especially in the field of scrap metal recycling. The application of this hydraulic metal shear can effectively improve the recycling efficiency of metal scraps and create higher economic benefits for the users.

Why should the metal recycling dealers need an alligator shear?

For most scrap metal recycling plants, the types of scrap metal are often diverse, and these metal scraps, such as steel fragments, scrap iron bars, aluminum cans, aluminum alloy scraps, etc., are not uniform in size. When carrying out metal recycling processing, especially when baling these scrap metal into briquettes, these raw materials of different sizes need to be processed in advance. Therefore, the hydraulic alligator shear is in need of many metal baling stations.

Scrap metal cut by the metal alligator shear
scrap metal cut by the metal alligator shear

The structure design of this metal shearing machine is reasonable and its practicality is very strong. It can quickly cut large pieces of metal to the required size. The operator can also set the automatic cutting length on this automatic alligator shear. In addition, when carrying out large-scale metal processing operations, the machine can also be used with an automatic conveying device to automatically feed and output the cut materials.

Maintenance principles for metal shears

Before using the machine, the operator of the metal shearing machine should be familiar with the specific working process of the machine, carefully implement the maintenance system of the hydraulic metal shear machine, and strictly observe the safe operating regulations of the machine. In this way, the service life of the machine can be prolonged, production efficiency can be improved, and safe production can be guaranteed.

To this end, our scrap metal recycling machinery manufacturers recommend that users establish maintenance and safe operating procedures for hydraulic shears. Consciously train operators to familiarize them with the structure and operating sequence of the machine.

The specific maintenance method of alligator shears

1. When working a single time. When the knob is set to the single working position, each action cycle of the shearer needs to be pressed to complete the button, and each press completes one action. (Pressing material-shearing-pressing material release-shearing return is one working cycle).

2. When working continuously. Set the knob to the continuous working position, and the shearing machine will automatically complete the return from pressing to cutting and take on the next action. The oiling points marked on the metal shears should be lubricated with ordinary oil before going to work every day or two days to prevent excessive wear for a long time and cause equipment damage.

3. The material to be cut is strictly beyond the specification range specified in the machine’s instruction manual. When cutting irregular metal waste, prevent metal material from pressing on any part of the metal cutting machine before work, and timely remove the materials on the cutting platform and the inside of the rack to avoid damaging the machine and causing unnecessary losses.