Selecting high-quality and high-efficiency hydraulic metal balers can speed up the recycling efficiency of scrap metal and create greater profits for users. When purchasing metal waste recycling equipment, users should not only pay attention to the metal baler machine price but also pay attention to the overall performance of hydraulic metal balers and the after-sales service of metal recycling machine manufacturers.

Why should you have a hydraulic metal baler machine?

With the rapid development of the world economy, many countries have gradually carried out the transformation of old cities in cities to varying degrees. In the process, a large number of waste materials, such as discarded steel bars and metal scraps from buildings, have been produced.

Shuliy metal baler machine for sale
Shuliy metal baler machine for sale

In addition, tens of millions of tons of metal are turned into corner scraps, chips, and other waste materials in industrial production every year. Recycling and classifying them by hydraulic metal balers, pressing them into blocks, and then returning them to the furnace for smelting can save a lot of energy and mineral resources. Therefore, commercial metal balers have very significant economic benefits.

The main purpose of using the scrap metal baling machine

In order to save shipping costs and reduce the warehouse’s floor space to the greatest extent, and facilitate the transportation and storage of metal products, they must be compressed into square bags with a high density by using metal press machines.

Scrap metal baler block
scrap metal baler block

In addition to scrap metal materials, other raw materials used in the textile industry, such as cotton, wool, linen and feathers, waste woven bags, waste plastic bottles, etc. also need to be packed and reduced in volume. This kind of baling and packing work is often undertaken by a special packing hydraulic machine.

Main factors that to consider for selecting a hydraulic metal baler

1. There are many types and models of hydraulic metal baler machines. Customers should carefully screen according to their actual needs before purchasing. The specifications of the metal baler are mainly divided into 60 tons to 500 tons according to the pressure of the machine and the size of the box (this is a widely used division method in the current market)

2. The customer should choose the size of the metal packing case according to the actual production demand and output.

3. When choosing a baler machine, the customer must consider the continuous working time of the hydraulic metal baler and the temperature of the hydraulic oil.