The earth’s resources are limited, we can only infinite recycling for the limited earth resources to be able for sustainable development, some people say that garbage is a misplaced resource, but after the garbage recycling classification through other equipment processing, can be recycled by these resources into renewable resources. Metal resources are especially precious, so recycled metals are a very important environmental conservation activity.

Resource recycling in life

Recycled resources
Recycled Resources

Paper is produced from trees. Waste paper recycling can be used to make industrial products such as egg trays, waste glass can be reprocessed and used again after processing. Vegetable leaves and fruit peels can be processed and used as green waste. Furnace ash can be transformed and used as construction materials. Waste plastic is processed and can be used as fuel, i.e. creating economic value, by reducing white pollution. Metal resources, as an important part of the industry, can of course be recycled and have high value when recycled.

What is recycled metal?

Metal recycling is the process of extracting valuable metals from used or obsolete, damaged, or polluted scrap materials that cannot be used anymore, or from low-quality materials after processing into pure metals that meet the requirements of use. According to the custom, people call the regenerated metal “recycled metal”, the raw material called “renewable resources”, to distinguish from “mineral metal” and “mineral resources”. Metal in the use of the remaining edges of the residue, the loss of value of metal scrap, products, containing metal components of the production of waste, etc. is collectively referred to as scrap metal. These metals lose their use-value at a specific time and under specific conditions. However, under other conditions or through reprocessing and manufacturing, such as the use of metal briquetting machines pressed into metal blocks, in the smelting and recycling, the waste state is transformed into a metal material with use-value.

What are recycled metal resources?

Recycle metal resources are the general term for all kinds of scrap metal (containing metal) materials that have lost their original use value and have been recycled, sorted, and processed to have use value again in the process of social production and life consumption. From the category, recycle metal resources can be divided into scrap metal and e-waste metal resources, scrap metal generally refers to ferrous metal that is iron and steel, and e-waste metal resources generally refer to non-ferrous metals; including used appliances, and electronic machinery. They are available metal shredders for shredding treatment. From the source, recycled metal resources are divided into productive recycled metal resources, domestic recycled metal resources, and other specific discarded items. 

Metal resources classification

1. Productive recycled metal resources include: ferrous and non-ferrous metal scraps produced in the production process; scrapped machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, etc.; railroad scrap equipment; storage backlog products, residual products treated as waste materials; waste diesel oil, engine oil, etc.

2. Living recycled metal resources include scrap metal generated in the process of living, various household items containing metal, etc. 

3. Other specific waste items include: waste electronic products, batteries, medical equipment, etc.

Metal recycle
Metal Recycle