Five months ago, we received an inquiry from a customer from Malaysia. He saw our metal briquette machine while browsing the website. Apple, our sales manager, quickly contacted him.

There was a problem during the negotiation

In the course of doing business, various problems are often encountered. In the beginning, the customer did not trust us. He said that he had bought machines from other factories in China, but stopped working after shipping to the local area, or started to have various problems just after using it for a month.

Faced with customer doubts, our sales manager Apple negotiated patiently and carefully with customers. We sent customers to visit videos and machine work videos to prove the quality of our machines. Apple also invites this customer to visit our factory in person. Gradually, customers gradually trusted us.

Our chat history with metal briquetting machine customers
Our Chat History With Metal Briquetting Machine Customers

About the price of the machine

When communicating with customers, customers feel that our machines are a bit expensive, and the risks are greater if they are purchased.

Here we want to say if the cost of our machine is 20,000 yuan, and then we sell the machine to you for less than the cost, do you dare to buy it? Some factories sell for less than us, but in fact, they make no less money than us. They reduced the manufacturing cost of the machine, changed the material and motor of the machine, and only kept the appearance consistent. Although such machines are cheap to buy, they are expensive to use.

Our company was founded in 2011, and it has not been easy to grow in this way. We will take good care of the reputation accumulated over the years. There is absolutely no such thing as smashing our reputation with poor quality machines. This approach is extremely unwise.

Finished effect of the brass chip pressing machine
Finished Effect Of The Brass Chip Pressing Machine

Order transaction

Finally, the customer chooses to buy a small output (150kg / h) machine first, test the quality of the machine first, and consider placing an order again if it is good. We understood the customer’s approach and immediately arranged a shipment for the customer. At present, the customer is already using this machine and feels very satisfied. The customer told us that he owns 5 factories of his own and will come to us again if necessary later.