Beef bone-crushing shredder for sale

Beef bone-crushing shredder for sale


A beef bone shredder is a machine used to crush animal bones. Beef bones are relatively hard, and many meat machines are difficult to handle. Beef bone crushers can crush....

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Small baling machine

Small baling machine delivered to Vietnam


The Small baling machine has been successfully transported to Vietnam. The customer purchased a vertical metal baler, and we packed the machine in a wooden box and shipped it to....

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Metal briquetting machine

What to do with scrap metal shavings?


Scrap metal shavings are produced during the metal-cutting process. These metal scraps have high utilization value, but metal scraps are not easy to store and transport. What is the processing....

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Scrp metal

What to do with the accumulation of scrap metal?


Scrap metal has a high recycling value. There are many processing industries that retain a lot of leftovers, but there is no equipment to deal with a large amount of....

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Vertical baler machine

The vertical baler machine was exported to Gabon twice


The vertical baler machine is suitable for packaging equipment in the recycling industry. It can pack scrap metal, plastic bottles, cotton, waste paper, and other products. A Gabonese customer bought....

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Wood pallet shredder

Wood pallet shredder sold to Belgium


Shuliy company exported wood pallet shredder to Belgium. This machine is also called a double-shaft shredder.

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Scrap metal shear machine

Scope of application of  hydraulic scrap metal shear machine


The scrap metal shear machine is mainly suitable for cutting steel plates, copper plates, nickel-plated, and other metal plates. The scrap metal shear machines are driven by hydraulics. Compared with....

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Cotton baler machine

Application of cotton baler machine


Cotton is the seed fiber of the Gossypium plant of the Malvaceae family, native to the subtropics. The plant is shrubby and grows up to 6 meters in height in....

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Scrap iron chips briquetting

How to improve the briquetting strength of scrap iron chips briquetting machines?


During the production of iron scrap briquetting machines, many customers report that the strength of the formed cake is not high and it breaks during the stacking or sintering process.....

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Paint bucket crusher

Paint bucket crusher for the recycling industry


Paint bucket is one of the commonly used materials in various fields in our daily life. It covers a very wide area. It is not only used for commissioned building....

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