Metal recycling

Global metal recycling status analysis


How much do you know about metal recycling? What is metal recycling? Why recycle metals? How does the metal recycling process take place, and what technologies and equipment are needed?....

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Metal chip briquette block

Magnesium powder briquetting machine exported to Kenya


Metal chips briquette machine is the important equipment for metal recovery and processing. It can press all kinds of metal chips, such as cast iron powder, aluminum powder, steel powder,....

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Hydraulic metal baler

Selection Guide for Hydraulic Metal Baler


Selecting high-quality and high-efficiency hydraulic metal balers can speed up the recycling efficiency of scrap metal and create greater profits for users. When purchasing metal waste recycling equipment, users should....

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Alligator shear

Maintenance tips of hydraulic alligator shears


The Alligator Shear(hydraulic metal shearing machine) is a very widely used steel cutting equipment, especially in the field of scrap metal recycling. The application of this hydraulic metal shear can....

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Gantry shear

What is the market share of Shuliy gantry shear


Gantry Shear is large-scale equipment, which is mainly suitable for cutting large metal products such as disassembled car shells and guard rails. Generally speaking, the purchase rate of large equipment....

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Vertical metal baler

How to regularly maintain a hydraulic metal baler?


During the long-term use of the vertical hydraulic metal baler, some failures will inevitably occur. Once the equipment fails, it will affect the service life of the equipment. In order....

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Aluminum chip briquetting machine

What is the significance of the existence of scrap metal briquetting machine?


Metal shavings are waste resources, which are produced during the machining process and account for 20-30% of the raw materials for steel production. It can be seen that the recycling....

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Scrap metal chips briquetting machine

How to maintain the bearings of a metal briquette machine


Metal chip briquetting machine is mainly suitable for compacting various small volume metal chips into high-density metal blocks. For example, iron shavings, brass shavings, aluminum shavings, magnesium powder, high-quality mineral....

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Metal briquetting machine

Metal briquetting machine for sale to Malaysia


Five months ago, we received an inquiry from a customer from Malaysia. He saw our metal briquette machine while browsing the website. Apple, our sales manager, quickly contacted him. There....

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Forklift is putting material into a scrap metal briquette machine

How to choose the right metal baler?


Metal balers are also called metal block compressors, metal briquettes, scrap aluminum balers, scrap iron balers, brass balers, etc. The purpose of this machine is to compress the size of....

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